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MagnaPuncture technology at Absolute Wellness Spa in Juipter Florida


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The Full Story

What if the existing relaxation effects of acupuncture could happen faster and more deeply in a given session?

MagnaPuncture® began with a simple question; “Is it possible to improve acupuncture?”

So began more than 15 years of research and development. Functional prototypes enabled real time clinical testing on those clients with established baselines so effective enhancements could be incorporated in the next design for further clinical testing. MagnaPuncture® is the first successful blending of Ancient Eastern Medical practices with modern Science and Technology.

MagnaPuncture® is a device to control and feed ‘applicator pads’ enabled with paired magnetic polarity, synchronized LED, and audible sound.  One to four pads are applied to the meridians of the client in conjunction with standard acupuncture needles consistent with the Chinese Medicine diagnosis. The pads can connote magnetic fields to the needles and acupuncture points, enhancing the treatment session and its effects.  All three modes can run concurrently, the synergy of the three energetic outputs working together.

MagnaPuncture® is so unique a United States Patent was granted in 2022.

Magapuncture Logo
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