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A family owned and operated business that brings a commitment to service since 1998.

Our highly trained and experienced professionals provide expert care in Health and Wellness Services.

We have a fantastic staff of several Florida Licensed Massage Therapists and Florida Licensed Estheticians to provide additional services .

Greg Bartosiewicz, owner Absolute Wellness Spa, Jupiter Florida

Greg Bartosiewicz

Fl. Acupuncture Physician, Masters of Oriental Medicine, Bachelors of Medical Technology, Board Certified NCCAOM, FL Licensed Acupuncturist (AP 2305)

Greg has 20 years of clinical field experience plus three years in the academic clinical environment. A Bachelors in Medical Technology provides a foundation and experience in modern conventional laboratory medicine. Additional training and experience in Travell and Simons trigger point release acupuncture provides another skill-tool toward client balance and health, through correction of pain and related holding patterns. Applied tools include hands, needles, tuning forks, moxibustion, silver & gold pellets, cupping, electromagnets, and static magnets. Acupuncture is a rich and diverse modality. He employs the continuum of structural, biochemical, and energetic levers that acupuncture provides for his patient-clients. (There are various levels that different points and patterns can access.) Stress manifests itself in various patterns in the body over time. Acupuncture is one potent modality to bring those patterns back to balance, along with Chinese herbal and homeopathic formulas. Absolute Wellness also has acupoint injection therapy, otherwise known as Bio-puncture. Greg was inspired by his own health challenges with migraine-like headaches that were overcome through acupuncture.  Greg conceived and co-invented the world-exclusive device and applications of Magnapuncture®

Linda Bartosiewicz, owner Absolute Wellness Spa, Jupiter Florida

Linda Bartosiewicz

Florida Licensed Massage Therapist and Fl. Licensed Esthetician – (Skin Care Specialist)

Linda has 23 years experience in Massage Therapy and Skin Care. She specializes in Therapeutic Massage for Pain Relief, and Customized Facials using Pharmaceutical Grade Products such as Image Skin Care Professional-line products. She was inspired by the amazing relief she felt from massage therapy for her own historical sciatica and low back pain. She enjoys the results reflected in her clients faces, resultant of the Customized Facials, Deep Pore Facials, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Radio-Frequency Facelift, and Photo LED treatments. Combination services can yield deeper exfoliation along with penetration of tailored products to achieve greater results including reduction of fine lines, acne, and hyperpigmentation.  She has advanced training in Hot Stone Therapy, Chair Massage, Sports and Medical Massage and Trigger Point Therapy. Additional continual professional training updates Linda’s skin care secrets. Linda has a commitment to bring you a quality Absolute Wellness Spa experience. She takes pride in unraveling the stress and restrictions that reside in our muscles, faces, and connective tissues.

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