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Biofield viewer at Absolute Wellness Spa in Jupiter Florida

BioField Viewer

Imaging the Human Biofield: See Yourself in a New Light

Since 2012 Dr Thornton Streeter has collaborated with John Catchpole to develop a subtle energy imaging system, the Biofield Viewer.  Biofield Viewer (BFV) is a digital imaging system that reveals light interference patterns between a controlled lighting environment and the human biofield.  Dr. Streeter has been an advocate of personalized solution-based medicine.  Dr Thornton Streeter has trained over 10,000 practitioners worldwide at over 2,000 software installations of BFV.

We at Absolute Wellness have invested in the Biofield Viewer system to:

  • Visualize progress of treatment regimens

  • Gain new insight on chronic issues/perpetuating factors.

  • Realize how the biofield extends beyond your physical boundaries.

  • Explore possible physio-emotional connections to imbalance/health

Biofield Viewer Crops.jpg
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